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Agave System

Your complete gaming system in one package to ensure you are running at the very best for your environment.


SAS - SAS Server

LIC - Site Licensing Utility (Time code generator)

PTM - Player Tracking Manager (Card Reader server / drivers)

TNG - Ticket Number Generator (Generates validation numbers for tickets)

BCU Configuration Utility

DBI - Database Initialization Utility (Sets up new databases for new installs)

DBSS - Database Safe Save Utility (Creates backup/sync packages)

DMS - Daily Meter Scrubber (Cleans up SAS meter anomalies and generates daily game reports)

HAS - High Availability Service (Handles massages from game servers)

PCH - Integrated Universal Hit Limit Progressive Controller

PGD - Progressive Display (Base)

BFM - BCU Custom Firmware Modifications and code

STAT - Basic Facility Status Display

FSC - Floor Support Console (Displays real-time floor activity for the user)


Various installation packages for production deployment (POS/TNG/BCU/FSC)


Daily Meter Report

Metered Drop Report

Daily Slot Performance Report

Daily Slot Analysis Report

Daily Slot Transactions Report

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